My notes from Buzzmarketing

Whenever I think of a new marketing strategy I always refer back to my notes from a book I read some time ago. The book was Buzzmarketing by Mark Huges. Below are my notes that I wanted to post online and share with you guys. Feel free to leave any comments or ask any questions.

The 6 buttons to trigger buzz:
1. The taboo – sex, lies, and bathroom humor.
2. The unusual.
3. The outrageous.
4. The hilarious
5. The remarkable.
6. The secret – both the revealed and unrevealed.

Steps to getting buzz:
1. Push the right button.
2. Capture the media.
3. Advertise for attention.
4. Climb the mountain.
5. Discover creativity.
6. Police your product.

The five most frequently written news stories:

-David vs. Goliath story
-The unusual or outrageous story
-The controversial story
-The celebrity story

-What’s already hot in the media

3 must haves: 
1. Talkers- find people who will talk about you
2. Give people a reason to talk
3. Tools – Help spread the message faster (tell a friend, easy forward button, etc)

Before you run an ad, before you launch a product, before you put anything new, ask the magic question:Would anyone tell a friend about this?