Will Smith's secrets

This video is not only truly inspirational, but also covers so many key concepts of how successful people think. Before I had my startup, I was big on studying the way successful people think and in this video Will Smith has probably summarized 70% of the key concepts. Having read and studied all the classics from Napoleon Hill to Maxwell Maltz about the mentality of success below are some key concepts I think are most common amongst successful people that Will Smith and so many other successful people have said.

1. Belief in self. Before you go out try to accomplish something it is of utmost importance that you yourself believe that you can do it. It’s almost impossible for you to go out there and think that you can change the world if at the core you yourself won’t believe it. When the hard times come, and it 100% will, you will confirm your own suspicion that “yeah I knew this was going to be impossible” and just give up. But, if you truly believe at the core that you can do something great then you tend to stick it out more.

2. Successful people are delusional. When I was reading biographies of successful people, I noticed that these wildly successful business people weren’t really realistic.  A 25 year old Bill Gates was definitely not realistic when he thought he could convince the biggest computer company at the time (IBM) to use Microsoft as their next operating system over larger companies that had hundreds of employees and more money.

3.One day at a time. In the video above Will mentioned that you don’t go out to build a wall. This simple metaphor is a lesson packed message. I think what he meant was that true success doesn’t happen overnight or even a couple months. This metaphor also implied that all you have now is the present so do all you can in your day and soon enough you will have a “wall”.

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